Get to Know Princess Planet: Part IV

Black Princess Books for your Black Princess

Over the last three weeks we have been profiling the Princess Planet series of books. We began this process because we believe in books that promote positive images for our beautiful Black children. It is imperative as their parents and guardians that we show them a world without limits and that begins by using literature and images that reflects positive on their heritage and culture. Please share this series with your friends and colleagues. Change begins with us. 


Black Princess Books for your Black Princess

Give your little princess the gift of confidence, empowerment, and literature. Give her the gift of Princess Planet. A line of books that promotes a diverse set of authentic characters created by women from all over the world with the aim to empower and celebrate diversity. Each story helps to increase cultural pride, inter-cultural understanding, inner beauty, and self-worth.

We believe that every little princess should have these books on their personal bookshelf. Presenting young readers with positive images, both fictional and non-fiction, is a key component to broadening their imagination of what they can be.

Enjoy this special offer in celebration of Christmas and Kwanzaa 

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Happy Holidays from the MahoganyBooks team!

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