Announcing the MahoganyBooks & Very Smart Brothas Book Club

One Book Club to Rule Them All

I love collabo’s…shout out to African Ancestry and our Get Rooted book list. There’s something we find very special about developing relationships with like-minded entreprenuers and organizations to create people-focused, community-oriented endeavors. That’s why we are so excited to announce our new collaboration with Very Smart Brothas to create a monthly book club.

We came together to create a book club with the specific intention to have fun, open, and sometimes controversial book inspired conversations in a culturally inspiring location in the heart of Anacostia, Washington, DC. It doesn’t matter the persons label or situation, as long as they have an interest in respectfully discussing and learning more about Black culture, race, relationships, history, pop culture, and other topics than all are welcome. Of course, as is the MahoganyBooks way, our curated reading list will include a variety of book gems, old, new, classic, bestseller, obscure, and self-published, that were written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora.

What’s somewhat different about what we’ll do is the infusion of technology to make sure people across the city and country can participate. Each month we will meet at MahoganyBooks to discuss that month’s selection, however, we’ll also livestream the book discussion and open it up for comments and questions from people across the web. Additionally, in the lead up to #DiscussionDay, participants can share their insight in a dedicated group we’ll create specifically for that book discussion. Also don’t be surpised by our surprise guest participants. It could the be author, a noted content expert, or just someone to add to the conversation.

So what’s next you ask? Which books are on this “curated list” of book gems? Well I’m glad you asked…click here for the first book we’ll be discussing.  Don’t forget to register to get access to the group and livestream.


About Very Smart Brothas is a website that focuses primarily on discussing general blackness, race, relationships and popular culture. The site was founded in 2008 by Damon Young, Panama Jackson and Liz Burr. VSB was acquired by Univision in 2017 and is currently a vertical of

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MahoganyBooks is an online bookstore that believes in social entrepreneurship. We take a leadership role in the African American community promoting reading, writing, and cultural awareness as tools to improve communities as well as enrich the lives of motivated individuals.


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