Introducing Ujamaa Thursday’s

A Networking Social for Entrepreneurs and Change Agents


A Networking Social for local business owners seeking not only to grow their respective businesses but also the local black economy through cooperative economics (Ujamaa) and collaborative partnerships. Entrepreneurs of all stripes, new, aspiring, and seasoned, are welcome to join us for this monthly event in a culturally-stimulating environment.

Each event will feature a local entrepreneur or change-agent who has developed a business, organization, brand, or vision that is achieving success while also reframing how capitalism works for and empowers African Americans. Our featured guests will briefly speak about the books that most influenced their vision or understanding of how what it takes to create an impactful business or organization.


Capitalism is an integral aspect of what it is to be American or to live within its borders; however, from its founding one of the key elements to making this capitalistic experiment work was the exploitation of black and brown bodies through slavery and the annexation of land from Mexicans and the indigenous peoples of this land. With that in mind it’s imperative that Black folk as a whole, but more specifically, entrepreneurial minded African Americans seek to reframe traditional business concepts in a manner that builds and sustains our communities versus exploits.

As expressed as a principle of Kwanzaa, Ujamaa (cooperative economics) stresses the building of our own businesses and controling the economics of our own community through self-reliance and cooperation. Therefore, MahoganyBooks is creating a monthly event that positions successful entrepreneurs to share learned wisdoms from the books that most impacted them. Additionally, we are encouraging local entrepreneurs to network, build relationships, and explore new business opportunities with each other to actualize growth that enriches the micro-economies of the communities in which we live.


We invite out entrepreneurs and change-agents that are actively engaged on a daily basis to building their business, creating jobs, or supporting Black entrepreneurs as they start and expand their enterprises.

The Fun Factor

Each event will feature a local entrepreneur whose business, brand, or vision statement is changing how we serve or reach our customers/communities through commerce. This entrepreneur will discuss their favorite book(s) and what lessons they took away from each title. We’ll also feature a black-owned beverage maker who will provide the refreshment for the evening. However, the main component of the night is the networking, socialization, and exchange of ideas in a culturally stimulating environment where business-minded people can identify new opportunities for business growth and job creation.




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MahoganyBooks is an online bookstore that believes in social entrepreneurship. We take a leadership role in the African American community promoting reading, writing, and cultural awareness as tools to improve communities as well as enrich the lives of motivated individuals.

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