The Top Cities for Readers of African American Literature

The African American Literary Book Club (AALBC) recently published an article outlining the top cities for African American readers. A variety of factors were used in their evaluation, including

  • number of library visits per capita,
  • number of book events for African American readers;
  • number of African American book clubs, and
  • number of African American book stores.

After reading this article, not only did I come away with respect for the amount of effort AALBC put into delivering this information. But you also learn about some of the organizations continuing the work of promoting positive images of African American life and culture through literature.

Unfortunately, this continues to be a significant issue when our children are being exposed to images that paint them as “sad” or “angry” in their learning materials.

I don’t know how this makes you feel, but as a father of a young daughter in elementary school this doesn’t sit to well with me. I encourage you to take a moment to not only read this article, but to use the resources mentioned within and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

The responsibility for properly educating our children fall on our shoulders and we must be vigilant in monitoring what they are exposed to.

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