Reviews From a Young Reader’s Perspective: Akata Witch

Akata Witch
by Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch is by Nnedi Okorafor. It’s the first book of the Akata Witch series. The main character is Sunny Nwazue. Sunny doesn’t seem to fit in. She is the youngest sibling in a Nigerian family but the only one to be born and raised in New York City. So when she goes back to Nigeria her American accent identifies her as an outsider. On top of that, although her family is dark brown, Sunny has yellow hair and skin the color of milk. She is often teased about her complexion and told that her skin looks like sour milk. Sunny is a great soccer player; however, she can’t go out in the sun without her umbrella or her skin will burn. Her last problem (or so she thinks) is that her dad hates her. Her father wanted a son but got a Sunny instead. He also thinks that Sunny is ugly.

When Sunny becomes friends with Orlu and Chichi she finds out that she is a free agent with magical powers, and she has a lot to learn. Soon she meets Sasha and the four are mastering magic. Then out of nowhere, the magical authorities ask them to track down and defeat the Black Hat, who has been kidnapping children. Will they find out who the Black Hat is and defeat him?

Genre: Akata Witch is a fiction book whose sub-genre is fantasy.

Favorite Character(s): Chichi was my favorite character in the book because she was smart and a powerful magician.

Favorite Part: My favorite part of Akata Witch was towards the end of the book when Sunny tapped into her still developing abilities to call forth her spirit face to defeat the Masquerade.

Pace of the Book: This was a fast paced book with a good amount of action to keep readers interested and turning the page.

My Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this book to anyone to read, both kids and adults if they enjoy books about magic.


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Mahogany Young is a fun loving 7th grader that enjoys math, reading, D.I.Y. projects, and ice skating with her friends. Mahogany has a strong passion for reading and takes pride in reading over 20 books a year. The enjoyment she receives from reading comes from the sense of adventure each book provides as well as imagining the stories in her head. Mahogany aspires to be either an educator or an engineer; her proudest moment is being a member of the first team to win a robotics tournament at her elementary school.

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