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A little over a month ago, we featured the creator/owner of YouNeek Studios, Roye Okupe, on our Facebook page after we met him at BEA (Book Expo America). As we mentioned then we are super excited to have met a comic creator from the Diaspora take a lead in developing superhero universes that not only resemble people of African descent/heritage but also infuses an accurate account of African history into its storylines.  As much as I love Marvel’s Black Panther, I am occasionally dismayed with their decision to solely use the fictitious country of Wakanda as their setting when Africa is home to a great number of world-changing empires.

This is what separates Roye and his YouNeek Studios team. They have made it a core focus to integrate authentic language, landmarks, and dress from the great country of Nigeria into their graphic novels. The result is a developing superhero universe that is both genuine and cutting edge.

“The country of Nigeria and the continent as a whole, you always see war, famine, terrorism — we touch on those points,” Okupe said. “But I try to pump up as much positivity as I can, because I feel that’s lacking when it comes to Nigeria and Africa as a whole in the mainstream.” – The Washington Post, He came to D.C. from Nigeria — and created his own African comic-book universe

It’s a refreshing approach for devoted comic readers. And of course, as we always promote here on MahoganyBooks, is an excellent way to help reluctant readers start and complete a book (or series of books).

by Roye Okupe

Read the Washington Post article previously written on Roye Okupe and his YouNeek Studios venture. Then head over to MahoganyBooks to pick up a copy and save 20% in the process.


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