Introducing ‘Blind Date with a Black Book’

Our New Mystery Box

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Introducing our new mystery box, Blind Date with a Black Book. This fun, new offering is not your typical grab bag of titles sitting around a warehouse and/or bookstore. With our ‘Blind Date with a Black Book’ mystery box we aim is to introduce readers to new genres, topics, perspectives, and/or writing styles that’ll both diversify and spice up your literary life.

Leaning on our famed book curation and genuine love for black books we will be intentionally selecting titles to expand your reading palette and introduce you to writers and genres you may not typically self-select. Plus, because your box will include either 3 or 4 books, you’ll save up to 40% on the retail price of each book when purchasing them as a bundled mystery box.   

With a mix of genres, bindings, and titles new and classic our ‘Blind Date with a Black Book’ is the perfect way to either introduce someone to Black literature or expand your on perspectives on Black life.

Which authors or books are you hoping to go on a blind date with? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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