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GHOST by Jason Reynolds

The book Ghost is written by Jason Reynolds. The main character is Castle Cranshaw (he calls himself Ghost). 

When Castle was a kid he had a great father (although he would get drunk sometimes); but one night everything changed. All I can say is, that  was the night he ran the fastest. After that incident Ghost and his mother were on their own.

Ghost never thought that he would be on the track team, he had always been a basketball player, but one day everything changed and he found himself there. As Ghost is walking past the track he sees the track team warming up. A boy walks up to the starting line and Ghost decides to race him. They race. Ghost wins. The coach lets Ghost on the team but the first practice goes straight downhill. He never thought that you needed to train for track or that you had to prepare or even that it was hard work. Ghost always just ran without a problem. Soon he and the rest of the kids on the track team become great friends.


This book is fiction. The sub genre is realistic fiction. 


Castle (Ghost), Sunny, Lu, Mr. Charles (Coach), Patina, and Ms. Cranshaw 

Favorite Character:

My favorite character was Ghost because first, he was super fast, and second, he was brave. His bad qualities were that he could be very stubborn sometimes and he also got into a lot of trouble. 


This book has a lot of action and you never want to put it down. Actually it only took me a day to finish it. The whole book is interesting which gives it a fast pace.

Favorite Part:

My favorite of this book is when Ghost and his new friends go to the ‘newbie’ dinner and each have to share a secret that they’ve never told anyone else. Everybody’s secret was kind of surprising to me except Ghost’s. But I can’t tell you what the secret was because that would ruin some parts of the book. 

I recommend this book for any kid looking for a fun, fast read.

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Mahogany Young is a fun loving 6th grader that enjoys math, reading, D.I.Y. projects, and ice skating with her friends. Mahogany has a strong passion for reading and takes pride in reading at least 20 books a year. The enjoyment she receives from reading comes from the sense of adventure each book provides as well as imagining the stories in her head. Mahogany aspires to be either an educator or an engineer; her proudest moment is being a member of the first team to win a robotics tournament at her elementary school.

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