EVENT RECAP with Authors Betty K. Bynum & Joshua Drummond

We welcomed authors Betty K. Bynum and Joshua B. Drummond for a Meet & Greet book signing in-store on September 18, 2019. Store patrons waited in anticipation for their arrival and trust us, Bynum and Drummond did not disappoint.

During the event, Ms. Bynum shared that the title of her book is meant to be an affirmation to all Black girls. She said, “…there is no way you can read this book out loud and not feel good about yourself as you hear yourself say, I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl.” 

Mr. Drummond stated, “I wanted to give Black boys a voice they could relate to but also have fun at the same time.” It was important to him that young boys see someone they could identify within both in appearance and mannerisms. 

Both Bynum and Drummond were so engaged with the audience, children and parents, alike, as you can see in the photos below. They were so gracious for the invitation to come to MahoganyBooks to share their insight about positive self-esteem and to celebrate all the great things happening here at the store.

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