Justice 4 Garvey Campaign Reading List

February 1, 2022 MahoganyBooks

In February 2022, the global campaign will begin to gather the required signatures to petition President Biden for a POSTHUMOUS PARDON for the Honorable Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey was an outstanding and influential civil rights […]

Black History Makers: Eugene Bullard

February 24, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Eugene Jacques Bullard (1895 – 1961) was born October 9, 1895, in Columbus, GA as the seventh out of ten total children born to William Octave Bullard and Josephine “Yokalee” Thomas. Eugene’s father was originally […]

Black History Makers: Mansa Musa

February 17, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Mansa Musa (D. 1337) In the thirteenth century, the Mandinka people of the state of Kangaba in Western Sudan emerged as the most powerful group in Africa. The rise of the Mandinka was due largely to […]

Black History Makers: Ona Judge

February 10, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Ona Judge (c.1773—February 25, 1848), known as Ona Judge Staines after marriage, was a light-skinned, heavily freckled and slight of build slave on George Washington’s plantation, Mount Vernon, in Virginia. Her mother, Betty, was an enslaved […]