Brilliant Black Kids Book Bundle for Upper Elementary Readers

Suggested Reading List for Upper Elementary Children

Upper Elementary Children’s Bundle

Take your child’s at-home learning to the next level with these specially selected non-fiction titles, then add a fun fiction novel to your bundle for 50% off the regular price. Your bundle offers your upper elementary child, age-appropriate content along with interesting and inspirational information that the entire family can learn together and discuss.

The first two books of the bundle will include:

The Fierce 44: Black Americans Who Shook Up the World

by The Staff of the Undefeated

 A dynamic and hip collective biography that presents 44 of America’s greatest movers and shakers from Frederick Douglass to Aretha Franklin to Barack Obama, written by ESPN’s and illustrated with dazzling portraits by Rob Ball.

Meet forty-four of America’s most impressive heroes in this collective biography of African American figures authored by the team at ESPN’s 

From visionaries to entrepreneurs, athletes to activists, the Fierce 44 are beacons of brilliance, perseverance, and excellence. Each short biography is accompanied by a compelling portrait by Robert Ball, whose bright, graphic art pops off the page.

Bringing household names like Serena Williams and Harriet Tubman together with lesser-known but highly deserving figures such as Robert Abbott and Dr. Charles Drew, this collection is a celebration of all that African Americans have achieved, despite everything they have had to overcome.

Changing the Equation: 50+ US Black Women in STEM 

by Tonya Bolden

A celebratory and inspiring look at some of the most important black women in STEM

Explore the black women who have changed the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in America. Including groundbreaking computer scientists, doctors, inventors, physicists, pharmacists, mathematicians, aviators, and many more, this book celebrates over 50 women who have shattered the glass ceiling, defied racial discrimination, and pioneered in their fields. In these profiles, young readers will find role models, inspirations, and maybe even reasons to be the STEM leaders of tomorrow. These stories help young readers to dream big and stay curious.

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  1. My 11 year old son read the Tristan Strong book and finished it in only 3 days! Now I talk it with my students and their parents. It is such a good book. I can’t wait to try the Arcade book with my son. I love that this book list has strong main characters that appeal to all Black children. Thanks for curating this list. 🙂

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